Trader Joe's Enticing Chalkboard Animation Promotional Video

Posted by mocapnyc


"Nothing could live up to the animations you made for the conference"
        - Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s and ideaMACHINE Studio team up year after year. What Trader Joe’s enjoyed the most in the teamup is inspiring their store owners at their annual meetings.

Running time: 1:01

Script: Some stores try to entice you with spinning roadside signs, crazy slogans, and “big sales” every time there’s a holiday on the calendar. Not Trader Joe’s. This is Dan Bane of Trader Joe’s. We’ve never been accused of being flashy.

Sure, we wear Hawaiian shirts, but our stores are pretty simple. Cedar walls, hand-drawn signs, and great products on the shelves. We’re not much for slogans, either. We’d rather show you our products than tell you about them. And we do just that, every day, at our demo stations.

You can try out new products or sample a simple recipe you can recreate at home. And as for big sales… why change the price just because it happens to be National Hat Day or Waffle Iron Day? We think it makes more sense to offer great values on all our products, every day.

So how do we entice you to visit Trader Joe’s? We do what we do, in every store, every day. So you know you’re getting a great deal, and we don’t have to remember to change the prices on National Bad Poetry Day.

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