Trader Joe's Store Letters Explainer Video Script

Posted by mocapnyc


"Nothing could live up to the animations you made for the conference." 
- Trader Joe's

"Greetings, all. Thanks very much for your thoughtful and capable work on the great pieces! We’ll be using them next week—at a large, annual meeting of our store Captains. In running through our presentation materials, folks have been blown away by the work—and I’m sure the pieces will cause some goose-bump moments when shown to the larger audience. If I’ve missed anyone from your crew with this note, please extend our gratitude. Again, thank you. I look forward to thinking up things to cover together in the future."
- Trader Joe's

Whiteboard Animation produced an animated explainer video and video script to turn Trader Joe's fan mail into a promotional marketing video. This is one video in a series for Trader Joe's.

Running time: 4:00

Script: Woman #1:

Even though I live quite far away, I have been to your new location in Columbia, South Carolina five times since it opened—and my experiences have been nothing but wonderful! The quality of your products and the helpful, experienced staff is exceptional. The store is well-worth the drive.

On two occasions, your staff went above and beyond to assist me. When I asked about a particular product that was no longer in stock, your staff took the time to research a comparable product and found me in the store to tell me all about it. I was tickled! My family has so far enjoyed everything that I’ve purchased at Trader Joe’s. In fact, my husband now insists on accompanying me on my pilgrimages to make sure he gets his favorite items.

Your friendly staff makes the shopping experience such a pleasure, and your great prices are astounding. Trader Joe’s is my new favorite store, and I have shared my experiences in the store with my very large network of family and friends. A few of them have started to make the trek to Columbia, too, and we all would love a store closer to us!”


I just wanted to write to you to tell you about my very first trip to a Trader Joe’s store. My first visit occurred at your Newington, New Hampshire location, and my experience was say the least! Prior to my TJ’s visit, I had never been in a grocery store before where employees regularly ask if I need assistance with anything or if I have any questions about products. One kind employee even let me know where he would be if I needed any help. Oh, and the cashier was so friendly, too! He actually wanted to talk about how proud he is of the store. When I told him that it was my first visit, have treated me like royalty. The other customers were friendly and polite, as well. I consider this experience a direct reflection on your business, products, and employees. It takes me about an hour to get to the store...but I will certainly continue to travel just to shop with you. Thank you so much!”

Woman #2:

As I was walking through Trader Joe’s in Newbury Park, CA today I began to ponder a question one of my friends asked me the other day. What I am going to miss the most about where I live?—as my family and I are moving to McKinney, Texas next month. I didn’t have an answer for her, but today I figured it out: I will miss my daily life and the people that I come in contact with on a regular basis. My friends and I will stay in contact, and I will see my extended family monthly, but there are some people I barely know but who I will miss so much. The crew at my local Trader Joe’s tops this list.

So, to the staff at Trader Joe’s in Newbury Park, I thank you. I thank you for the conversations. I thank you for taking the time to know my kids’ names. I thank you for being a part of my daily life. I will miss my store so much, and I hope that Trader Joe’s will make it out to McKinney, Texas ASAP!”