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The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) asked our team to produce 28 videos in a matter of months. Our average animations are 1-3 minutes in length, but ACUE's videos reached 10 minutes in length. Yet we had to produce them with the same 1 to 3 minute length schedule. It was definitely a test for our team to get the videos done in time, but we came up with a streamlined production process and delivered each video before deadline.

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With the videos being in-depth instructional videos, our team had to find creative ways to make them feel relevant and relate-able. We wanted to make them fun to watch. We would try to find themes within the lessons. For instance, one video was about how to grade effectively, which included combining things. So we came up with a baking theme, which was very fun.

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As we started producing more and more of these videos for ACUE, we wanted them to have the same look and feel, so that course takers recognized them, looked forward to watching them, and wanted to watch them. So our team treated the videos like a TV series, creating a cast of characters, several professors, that we brought back several times throughout the videos. We built a guide to keep the same look and feel for the visuals.

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ACUE partnered with colleges around the country, who many times would have a super demanding change that had to be done quickly, from making a small classroom suddenly a lecture hall, or changing the professor throughout the entire video. We quickly and efficiently made these changes for them.

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We're proud of the animations, and we think we produced a great chunk of videos that are resonating with the professors watching. It's awesome to hear from ACUE that they're widely praised by the course takers and professors, and we hope it leads to us creating more and more great work with them.

We enjoyed working with the ACUE team because they hold themselves to high expectations when it comes to their courses, and we wanted to give them the best possible product as well, so we held ourselves to those same standards.




We are an eclectic group of directors, producers, designers, illustrators, and animators who can effectively communicate your message through an engaging animation or video.

We love collaborating with smart, creative partners like ACUE to create videos that make an impact on viewers. If you’d like to partner with our studio, contact us today!

About ACUE


ACUE was founded by leaders in higher education to advance instruction, support college educators, and promote student success. They help colleges and universities achieve their goals for students through innovative faculty development partnerships and a research-based Course in Effective Teaching Practices.

From Fortune 500s to start ups, tech to entertainment, finance to non-profit, we've helped 600+ clients tell their story




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