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Create Whiteboard Animation With a Dedicated Team

create whiteboard animation

Create whiteboard animation with a dedicated team; this piece of advice might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes people can overlook the importance of working with a great team and all of the experience and know-how they bring to the table.

It was popularized due to a bestselling 1995 book by Hillary Clinton, but the African proverb “It takes a village” has actually been in existence for centuries, and for good reason. The original proverb was used in regard to raising children, but it can also refer to any big task that requires a group of people, each playing their own distinct roles, to be realized.

When creating whiteboard animation, there is no exception to this rule; the best, most seamless approach will always involve a dedicated team that can tackle the individual moving parts of a production independently. Let’s meet the people on your team so that you’ll have a clear idea of who is in charge of what and how you can interact with each of them effectively:

Creative Director - The Creative Director is responsible for supervising the work of the creative department, making sure that what they produce is on-brief, on-time and on-budget. They are also the person responsible for communicating your concept and goals to the rest of the team. Essentially, they work as translators, taking the raw ideas of the client and explaining them in a way that will make sense to everyone else.

Art Director - The Art Director is directly in charge of the visuals of your video, working with the animators to ensure that frames drawn by different people will all share the same style. However, the job of the Art Director isn’t limited to making sure that every character is drawn in the same way, Art Directors are also tasked with researching a client and determining how best to create a look that will work with a specific brand identity.

Animation Team - Note that I said team! That’s because the number of animators that will work on a project varies depending on the deadline, style of animation, and complexity of the script. Something that is basically a moving Powerpoint will require less work and fewer animators than a realistic animation, so it will always depend on what you need to create. However, if you want a precise answer as to how many animators are working on your project, you can always ask your…

Account Team - The Account Team is there for the client, there to answer questions, to keep you informed and to discuss any changes should they come up. The Account Team is a bit like the front desk clerk at a hotel; they don’t clean your room or cook the food, but they’re the people you interface with and keep everything running smoothly.

A dedicated team is of particular importance when a project has a tight deadline. The size of a team is always scalable, particularly in terms of the animators, so if you have a project that was due yesterday, a team of experts is the approach that will guarantee success.

Whether you want to sell, explain, or inspire, no matter how difficult, the decision to create whiteboard animation with us is simple! Contact us today at 917-477-3282 to get started. We’re ready and eager to help!

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