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How Whiteboard Video Accelerates the Education and Learning Process

Posted by Steve Day

How_whiteboard_video_accelerates_the_education_and_learning_process_imageAs a content marketer, you know the primary reason your approach is more effective than traditional advertising for generating leads, branding and driving sales: Your prospects come to trust your company and see you as a leader with educational, informative information that helps them ease business pain. Even if they’re not ready to purchase what you have to offer, they will turn to your company when the time is right because you’re a respected source.

With this in mind, you can see why whiteboard video is proving to be an effective content asset for accelerating the educational process for viewers. The combination of imagery and audio enhances learning and picks up the pace in terms of earning the valuable trust you seek from potential customers. Here’s how.

Video clarifies objectives. Text can sometimes lead to different interpretations of the same material while whiteboard videos eliminate the guess work. A whiteboard video can explain your company’s product or service, helping the audience envision how it would help them meet needs or solve problems. A video visually establishes a connection with prospects by explaining what your business can do for them and why your offerings are better than your competition.

You can teach through product demonstrations. Your potential customers get a better grasp of your product when they view your product in action and hear its operations described during a demonstration. Whiteboard videos use illustrations and a voiceover to describe your offering’s value and function, so your potential customers don’t have to wonder how it works. When they see a depiction of a person using or operating your product, prospects can see how they can incorporate it into their own workflow.

Visual learning is effective when presenting complex processes. There are some concepts that you’ll never be able to successfully express without some sort of visual aid. Whiteboard animation combines illustrations with explanatory audio to convey your offering’s role to viewers. Just like learning how the human body’s organs work or understanding the orbit of planets around the sun, your audience learns complex processes better visually.

Whiteboard videos help your audience remember what you’ve taught them. On average, a human being recalls about 10% of what they hear and half of what they see. The results of this study conducted by the Wharton Research Center make it clear that marketers must incorporate whiteboard video if they want potential customers to retain information. They remember how your product can help them solve business pain, but – perhaps more importantly – they recall enough detail to spread the word to others.

Video shows how best practices work. Your prospects are always seeking ways to meet their business goals and make their lives easier, so they love to consume content that demonstrates best practices. Whiteboard video is great as a “how-to” guide or “top ways to [X]” because they actually see the results in your material.

Your potential customers are tired of being “sold to” by marketers. They want to learn something and hear about new ways to solve their business problems. It’s up to you to present this experience, but there are circumstances where text-based content just doesn’t deliver. Whiteboard video is a powerful tool for leveraging certain material when your goal is to educate, inform and enlighten your target audience. 

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