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Store Ranker is transforming business operations

Posted by Ben Capitano


Bogged down by business operations? Check out the video we made with Store Ranker, the easy to use, cloud-based technology that allows Managers to TrackCoach, & Improve operational performance of their retail, restaurant, hospitality and franchise locations. 



So you're the VP of operations. You oversee 10 district managers at 10 different locations. That's great! So how do you keep track of their performance? Usually the district manger visits our stores once a week. She does a walk through to make sure everything is in ship shape. This can be time consuming and tedious. Finally, she's done... well not quite. now it's time for her to transfer her report to another report that gets trasferred to her general  mangers and VP of operations. Ok, now she's done... with the first report. Nine more to go. the general manger receives his report. There's so much information that he doesn't know how to make heads or tails of it.




Now let's try this again. This time we'll try Store Ranker. Store Ranker is an easy to use cloud based technology that allows managers to track, coach, and improve store performance. This time the manager does her walkthrough with a smart phone or tablet. As she sees oppurtunities for improvement, she can give the area a thumbs up or a thumbs down, record a video or take a picture and post it to the store's profit. Once, she's done, that's it! Customers can also join in on giving feedback to the business.

All this information is rolled up into an actuable report for general managers to use to improve their location. With Store Ranker, the VP of operations can see how each of his DMs and stores are preforming. And district managers can keep track of all the stores in their territory. And general managers get actionable feed back from mangers and customers. Improve your brand, enhance your communication, spot issues before they cost you customers and revenue. Increase both local and national store oversight and control.

To request information or a demo, go to www.storeranker.com 


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