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Animation whiteboard videos in the age of UGC is a topic that begs for attention. The video landscape is ever-changing, and if you’re in need of content (and who isn’t?) it’s important to know what UGC is, the role it plays, and where it stands in relation to whiteboard video.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, UGC stands for “User Generated Content,” or any content created and contributed by the average citizen—as opposed to a big-budget commercial designed by a Madison Avenue advertising firm and shot by the flavor-of-the-month movie director. Viral videos, like, say, “David After Dentist” certainly count as UGC, but in this context, we’re using UGC to refer specifically to photos or videos people contribute to express their enthusiasm for a brand. One example might be the short videos people upload to the GoPro YouTube channel to show off the great footage they captured.

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