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White Board Video Is Usually Short, and Here’s Why That Matters

white board video

White board video is usually short; most clock in at around 60 to 90 seconds in duration. That timing might seem awfully quick, but it’s actually just about perfect for the attention span of most people nowadays. Are you ready for a short history lesson?

Human beings have always had short attention spans, and, according to some scientists, that’s exactly as it should be. The theory is that a short attention span is an evolutionary advantage that gives humans the ability to both focus on a complicated task (building a fire) and also continually check in with and assess their surroundings (“Is the sun going down?”, “Was that thunder?”, “Are there any signs of a predator nearby?”). In evolutionary terms, our short attention spans are likely a big part of why human beings are the most successful species to ever inhabit the earth. The short attention span was the secret weapon that allowed us to survive and thrive.

One big difference between our present-day selves and our ancestors, though, is the incredible, always-growing number of distractions we have to cope with. In a typical 2019 day, a person has to make time for emails, texts, tweets, pop-up ads, and those are only the digital distractions! We haven’t even touched on billboards and telemarketers and junk mail.

The number of distractions vying for our precious time may be why our attention spans seem to be shrinking. In 2000, the attention span of the average person was approximately 12 seconds. By 2015 that number had shrunk to about 8 seconds. To summarize, people lose interest quickly, and that’s a thought that causes marketers around the world to panic.

Fortunately, white board video is designed to take advantage of the small window of opportunity they have to make an impression. According to research, most people only watch an internet video for about 2.7 minutes. White board video is typically shorter than that, so no problem! That’s possibly one of the reasons why people enjoy watching white board videos; our brains know from the style of white board video that it won’t be a major time investment, so there’s more incentive to keep watching.

White board video is not only short, they’re concise; white board videos keep information to the bare minimum needed to convey an idea. It doesn’t feel like an effort to focus on a white board video because there’s little to focus on. Despite their simplicity, though, white board videos deliver all the right information in it’s most concentrated form. Unlike a rambling speech or a quickly assembled press release, a white board video has been carefully planned from the outset. A white board video isn’t the only way to express something, but it’s almost certainly the most streamlined way. In other words, it’s the most bang possible for your buck.

White board video is ideal for the speedy, soundbite world we live in and the unique way our brains cope with it. Maybe that’s why they’re welcomed in a way that most other forms of communication aren’t!

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