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Whiteboard Animation Video Companies Are Actually in the Business of Communication

whiteboard animation video companies

Whiteboard animation video companies are actually communications companies. No matter how much they emphasize their abilities as animators, or the speed with which they produce, or even their skills with project management, they are ultimately in the business of communicating, whether it’s business plans, important news, or nuggets of education. Whiteboard animations are nothing if not versatile.

But even more than that, whiteboard animation video companies represent the latest important step in the ongoing human quest for ideal communication. Yes, I know that sounds lofty, but let me explain. I promise this will be worth it!

In the first of what would be many successful books, young Harry Potter learned that he was a wizard. For one thing, Hagrid told him so, but Harry was also aware that he had a skill most regular people (muggles!) didn’t. And yet, even though he was gifted, Harry still had to go to Hogwarts to work on that skill, shoulder the responsibility of it, and use it for the right purpose. It took time, patience and perseverance to hone the raw ability into a mature talent. We’ve all been there.

Communication is very much like that for the human race; it’s one of the most important skills we have, but even in 2019 we’re still learning how to use it in the right ways. We’re getting better all the time, but it’s still something we all struggle with.

The meteoric popularity of whiteboard videos hints at our need to find ever better ways of communicating. Why are so many noteworthy companies opting to make whiteboard animations rather than rely on the great spokespeople they already have? Because whiteboard animations are a better method of communicating. Even the most practiced spokesperson in the world wouldn’t be able to match a whiteboard video for sheer efficacy.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Shark Tank you already know how treacherous communication can be. Think of all the brilliant, committed people who have been on that program—many of them with worthy and innovative ideas—only to be sent home disappointed without the investment money they dreamt of. It’s not necessarily because their business proposal was bad; more likely it was because their presentation was flawed. Maybe they looked too nervous, or their voice cracked at the wrong time, or their suit didn’t fit quite right. In any case, the messenger detracted from the message, and that’s exactly what businesses want to avoid.

Whiteboard videos bring us ever closer to the goal of ideal communication because they break communication down to its simplest elements: sound and vision. There are images and a voice; no padding and no distractions. Often, whiteboard videos are black and white, so there isn’t even color to complicate things and dilute the story. Like McLuhan said, “the medium is the message” and whiteboard videos are one of the closest realizations of that axiom yet.

One day, someone very clever will find a way for people to communicate directly, brain-to-brain. Adjectives will become obsolete because messages will be delivered with all of the right context and overtones built-in. Misunderstandings will be a thing of the past because thoughts won’t be misinterpreted the way words are. One day. Until then, though, your best bet for ideal communication is a whiteboard video!

Whether you want to sell, explain, or inspire, no matter how difficult, good whiteboard animation video companies can help. Contact us today at 917-477-3282 to get started. We’re ready and eager to help!

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