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The Appeal of Whiteboard Animation Videos

The Big Picture

Whiteboard animation videos allow you to see things on a grand scale. Walk out your door and you are likely to bump into people using the latest trending software like Uber. The app’s users are not just batched up in one location, but instead stretch for miles, found on any given corner at any given time. Their mobile users require eternal availability. So how does a company like this one truly explain a service that is seemingly everywhere at all times. That’s where animation comes in. It’s impossible to feature an actor getting an Uber from every landmark in NY. What if instead there was a three dimensional map sketch that included drawings of dozens of landmarks: The Statue of liberty, The Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, and so forth. All the sudden a swatch of the company colors start expanding outwards towards the lands boundaries, the entire scene is now set to explain your products or services, educate or inspire your audience.

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Life throws many obstacles in the way, sometimes drastically changing the way in which we execute our daily responsibilities. A company making a live action commercial heavily relies on the presence of its actors who carry their own unique look (unless you’re a twin) and voice attached to themselves. Hate to be the bad news bearer, but things happen: traffic, weather, sickness, are all things that can potentially impede on your production. However, with whiteboard animation videos, it’s there for life (just remember to hit save!). Whiteboard animation videos are collaborative and anyone that can mock similar drawing styles can hop behind a screen and finish a job if necessary.



Whiteboard animation videos use graphics that obviously differ from other styles that incorporate more life-like characters. This approach however, keeps viewers engaged with the true message of the video and allows for key details to resonate with its audience. After all, most people don’t have photographic memory therefore it is way easier to connect meaning to a basic sign versus trying to revisualize what a person in a commercial looked like and what was coming out of their mouth.



whiteboard-animation-videosWhiteboard animation videos use purposefully designed characters that anyone can identify with them. You will rarely see any enhanced physical features on both people and the setting in which they are placed in. This allows for the piece to be timeless, which ultimately maximizes the video’s use. It can be launched in two weeks or two years, near or far. Additionally, its 2D layout allows for a genuine connection. In traditional video, shot angles are manipulated. What this does is allow you to see the companies product in the way they want you to see it, in other words in its unnatural state or in an ideal situation. With Whiteboard animation videos, what you see is what you get. It’s the purest way to receive information and make an impassive judgement.

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