Matt Manjourides

Kick-Off Producer

  • (646) 801-3496

Matt Manjourides began his producing career working for Lloyd Kaufman at Troma Entertainment producing several short subject pieces and interviews before producing the feature film Father’s Day (2010) directed by the Canadian filmmaking team Astron-6, he continued to produce Troma's epic features Return to Nuke’em High vol.1 (a co-production with Starz Entertainment), Return to Nuke’em High vol.2 and Mutant Blast! After leaving Troma, Matt produced The Alcoholist starring Bill Moseley. Matt’s next projects include Stan in the Can and Megafoot which has a distribution deal with Epic Pictures. He is currently teaching film production at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. He also runs Megafilms, a small distribution label that distributes limited edition VHS releases including the cult film Street Trash and Gwar’s Skulhedface.

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