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Peter Bregman

Creative Director

  • 929-397-2893

Pete Bregman is an experienced Creative Director, Animation Director, and Illustrator, creating “digital content” before it was even known as “digital content.” He co-wrote/directed/produced the very first LEGO Star Wars animated content for Cartoon Network (the CLIO Award winning “Revenge Of The Brick”), as well as the follow-up LEGO Batman animated content.

A supervising Creative Director on some of Hasbro’s most-successful marketing content for over 10 years, Pete has created branded content for premiere brands such as Star Wars, Marvel Entertainment, NERF, Transformers, Beyblade, and Play-Doh.

In addition to writing and illustrating a critically-acclaimed graphic novel, and helping develop the social media-born design & lifestyle brand, Tykes, he is also very active in more-recent animation vehicles such as branded online gaming, augmented reality, and app development..

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