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Our animation studio makes the most effective whiteboard videos on the web, and nobody creates the quality we do for the prices we offer. In fact, for the same price as direct mailings or postcards you can create a compelling and effective sales video to explain your company, convey your message, or sell your product. Our work can be displayed anywhere! On your website, TV, Youtube, at conferences, private meetings, email newsletters, or on a smartphone at the airport. And unlike postcards or mailings your demo video distributes anywhere, endlessly, and never runs out.

Our animation prices are equal the amount of artistic hours we can assign to your project. While we always work as hard as we can with whatever budget we are given, the more time we have for your project, the more work we can put into your animation. Please contact us using the form above, on our CONTACT PAGE, or call any time at (929) 397-2893 to get your animation started!

SCRIPT Services

We have award-winning screenwriters on our staff, and free script consulting and editing are included in our rates.

We offer 2 meetings with a client-provided rough draft. This includes script consulting, making the script conversational, and weaving in the character journey.

(NOTE: 125 words can be spoken in a minute)

Need more help with your script? Hire a writing pro

$500 - Includes an award-winning script writer, 2 meetings with the writer, and 2 drafts of the script (3 minutes or less). For needs extending beyond 3 minutes, this $500 package applies.

We also offer translation services for any language. Our work has been translated into 50 languages and counting.


Our normal turnaround time is 5-6 weeks from initial script to finished product. Our production schedule can be expedited to meet almost any delivery timeline.

Week 1
Script review with producer

Week 2
Producer sends styleframes

Week 3
Producer sends storyboard

Week 4
Show moving storyboard + Animation (work in progress)

Week 5
Final Animation is delivered!