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Getting started with the Production Process


To get the ball rolling, you will need to know three things about your whiteboard video project:
   1- The purpose or goal of your animation
   2- Who will see this animation
   3- Roughly how long you want it to be

Our production process starts with a script. Don’t have one? Not a problem - we can set you up with one of our writers (the writing rates are on our Rates page).

Once we have a script, we create some very rough drawings of your whiteboard video animation. These help us establish the creative direction and timing for the animation. We then create detailed animated storyboards, which will be very similar to the final piece. Once we have your approval on the storyboards, we get to work on the final whiteboard animation.



We want your animation to look exactly the way you want it to. Whiteboard Animation Studio builds in several rounds of client reviews for notes and changes. Of course there are limits to how many changes we can make; so we put milestones in place along the way to lock the script, storyboards, and finished animation. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a heads up when we’re getting close to a milestone so you have a chance to request any necessary changes.


Production Schedule


Our turnaround time is normally one month from script to finish. The schedule is below, and the days are based on work days. The schedule can also be expedited: no one can beat our speed. However, the tighter the deadline, the fewer notes or changes can be made.

  • Day 1 - We receive your rough script and reference materials such as videos or images
  • Day 3 - A meeting is held to discuss the script and concept
  • Day 7 - A few Storyboards (style boards)
  • Day 10 - Full Storyboards
  • Day 11 - Script is locked
  • Day 20 - First-look animation
  • Day 22 - Voice over is locked
  • Day 26 - Animation Delivery

How to Use Your Animation


One of the reasons we are often asked about the ROI of our videos, is that many organizations are new to online video advertising, and they do not understand all of the ways it can be used. Here is a list of our clients' top uses:

  • Replacing cold-calling and email sales
  • Email e-blasts and individual emails
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • For use on a homepage
  • Conferences
  • Local television
  • In-person meetings
  • On the phone at a gas station

Whiteboard Animation: a story-driven production company

We are an eclectic group of directors, producers, designers, illustrators, and animators, who can effectively communicate your message through an engaging narrative such as Animated Sales Videos and Explainer Videos. Our studio is a year-on-year multiple Telly award winning company, being located in New York City where hundreds of thousands of animators, actors, and artists line up at studios looking for work, we provide the best talent and expertise for the dollar. That same talent is lead by veteran directors and producers in the animated video production industry.

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