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Client Success Stories



"The 2015 Premier Innovation Celebration was held on Tuesday night. Over 3,000 attendees, and must have had over two dozen folks come up and say 'I loved your video!'  The coordinator of the event for Premier told me that he had forwarded the video to a number of folks in their office prior to the event and said that the overall consensus was that “if this isn’t the best video we have ever received for this program, it is certainly one of the best!"
        - Insorb

See Insorb's Innovation Award win here.

In the old days, there were two ways of closing surgical incisions. Suture – slow, tedious and… ow! You can get stuck ! Or metal skin staples – that are fast, but each metal staple pierces the skin in two places… ouch, ouch ouch, and then have to be removed… ouch! And can leave railroad track scars… But the ingenious folks at Incisive Surgical invented a revolutionary new skin closure modality… the INSORB Absorbable Subcuticular Skin Stapler.  This proprietary device places an absorbable staple completely underneath the top layer of skin. Studies have found that the it's fast, comfortable, and cost effective, AND it eliminates metal staple removal! instead of this…  you get this! Talk about patient-centricity! It's the revolutionary new patient-centric, cost-effective, INSORB Absorbable Subcuticular Skin Stapler! Welcome to the 21st Century

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"The video acts as our spokesperson. It gets passed around in ways no other materials do."
        - Fraser Marlow (750,000 total youtube views)

BlessingWhite, a world leader in Employee Engagement, sought out a premiere studio to illustrate and animate their X Model of Engagement. They wanted to expand the reach of their popular diagram from a drawing on paper to a viral video that would distribute itself on the internet. To put it another way; they wanted high entertainment value, very low cost, and maximum return value. And that is just what they got.

Soon after making the explainer video, the X Model of Engagement became a salesforce on its own.

"Whiteboard helped us bring an important concept to life. The animation is now our calling card; it gets people familiar with what we do before we get to meet them face to face."
        - Fraser Marlow

"Whiteboard’s animation allowed us to get a fundamental concept out there in a way that is clear and engaging. Now the video acts as our spokesperson and gets passed around in ways no other materials do."
        - Fraser Marlow

Marlow and the team at BlessingWhite were pleasantly surprised when the video went from 50,000 to 100,000 to 500,000 views. It currently has 750,000 views on Youtube.

"It’s well over this number when you add up the different versions and the webviews off our web server."
        - Fraser Marlow

But the views on the internet are just the beginning of its use. Marlow goes on to say,

"What started out as a way to communicate a concept has now grown for us – this animation is used in dozens of different venues, from client presentations to conferences to client intranets. Short of an in-person presentation, there isn’t a more powerful medium."

About the BlessingWhite X Model of Engagement:

Organizations are keen to maximize the contribution of each individual toward corporate imperatives and metrics. Individual employees, meanwhile, need to find purpose and satisfaction in their work. Consequently, BlessingWhite’s engagement model focuses on an individual’s:

  • contribution to the company’s success
  • personal satisfaction in their job role

They believe that aligning employees’ values, goals and aspirations with those of the organization is the best method for achieving the sustainable employee engagement required for an organization to reach its goals. Full engagement represents an alignment of maximum job satisfaction (“I like my work and do it well”) with maximum job contribution (“I help achieve the goals of my organization”). The index they use to determine engagement levels contains items that reflect the two axes of contribution and satisfaction. By plotting a given population against the two axes, they are able to identify 5 distinct employee segments.


"OMG! It’s so beautiful! You guys are getting tons of compliments on this piece."

PetSmart had this to say when they saw the video we made for them, and the impact it had on its viewers. They asked for an engaging video to address how Banfield Pet Hospital, PetSmart, Banfield Charitable Trust, and PetSmart Charities work with animal welfare organizations to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners...and we delivered. After getting script approval, producing the video and cutting everything down to the right length, PetSmart's response was:

“Everyone is really happy with this video and I must admit, I got teary eyed when I watched it."

“Everyone loved it!"

PetSmart returned to create 2 more videos with us over the span of 2 years.


General Mills believes that Cheerios should be enjoyed by everyone. With approximately 1% of the population suffering from Celiac disease and up to 30% of the population avoiding gluten, General Mills wanted to make the shift to remove gluten from Cheerios. This would allow a large part of the population to fully enjoy the cereal.

We treasured the fact that General Mills would trust our team with making such a historic announcement. Our video was cut to a total running time of 30 seconds: an ideal length to deliver the simple yet momentous message. When this dynamic whiteboard animation rapidly hit 700,000 views, we knew the public was interested, and Cheerios couldn't hold in their excitement:

"I loved the final product! It’s great and received a very positive response on our Facebook page."
        - Cheerios


By simply removing stray wheat, rye and barley grains from the Cheerios oat supply, General Mills has made the Cheerios we all know and love gluten-free, while maintaining the same great taste. And we couldn't help but devour the final result.

We made 5 videos with Cheerios over 2 years.

ECHO 360

Echo 360 is one of ideaMachine’s earliest customers, since then we collaborated on sixteen sales videos. After our first few sales videos, in one year, Echo360 reported 74% worldwide sales growth. Echo 360 is the active learning platform for colleges and universities. Since our our first collaboration they have more than one million students in 6,000 classrooms at 500 institutions in 30 countries. After making our most recent animation below Echo 360 reported:

"The Explainer video you made for us is getting a ridiculous number of hits on Youtube and Facebook."

        - Echo 360

"Your Explainer video has generated a huge amount of leads for us."

        - Echo 360

Our studio’s relationship with Echo 360 began with their marketing expert Richard Taylor. Richard Taylor was Senior Vice President for Brand Marketing at AOL where he pioneered innovations in advertising and media that leveraged online, social marketing, and product integration. Richard also served as Vice President of Global Marketing at Burger King where he established the company as the leader in entertainment marketing. Early in his career, Richard worked as a marketing executive in the beverage industry where he lead international brands such as Martini & Rossi and Bacardi.

Echo 360 uses explainer videos for their organization in various ways, such as their homepage video, on social media, on youtube, at conferences, at private meetings, in email blasts, or their sales team can play them on their smartphone at an airport. Each of these means has proved successful.

The combination of a great product and a great explainer video equals success! And Echo 360 has great service and a great product. Echo360 active learning technology enhances student’s educational experience before, during and after class. Developed for educators by educators, Echo360 increases in-class participation with digital polling, provides a rich out-of-class experience by recording and sharing course instruction, and delivers deep usage analytics to help instructors gauge student progress in a course. Students watch, collaborate and participate on smartphones, tablets and laptops, wherever, whenever they choose. Echo360 was recognized with the Product Line Strategy of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan, is CSIA-certified for outstanding customer service, and was named a Visionary Vendor in Educational Technology by IT research firm Basex. Echo360 is backed by Revolution Growth.

“A sales rep is on an off-site video shoot at U of Toledo and showed it to their head instructional designer – her exact words were "This is exactly what we need to show our Provost"!”

        - Echo 360

“We love it!!! We got rave reviews on the video at our trade show!”

        - Echo 360