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OuR Top 10 Reaons Why Hiring Artists Is Better Than Using Video Scribe

10 - You don’t have the time
Do you have the time to learn another program? Are you a wiz with powerpoint? If you answered “no” to these questions then it would be better for you to employ artists.

9 - The program is only the beginning
Videoscribe only works with other software programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Paint etc. Also, a tool doesn’t make you a technician. If you bought an electric saw could you make a building? It’s the same with movie-making. Just having a camera and program doesn’t make you a great filmmaker. You would need writers, directors, audio technicians, actors, illustrators, camera crew, … oh and the software.

8 - Your time plus VideoScribe is $2000, the same cost for artists
Videoscribe costs $665, but the biggest cost is your time. How long have you spent on your video already? How long does it take for you to make an impressive PowerPoint? Making a smart presentation doesn’t happen in an hour. It takes time and thought. A studio can turn your project around in a few days or a couple weeks. If you don’t have the time or you haven’t had a lot of practice, the same cost of Videoscribe and your time is the same cost to employ professional artists.

7 - You don’t want to be embarrassed
Even the smallest mistake like mistyping your organization’s name, can be a big embarrassment. Even worse is bad illustration and a totally fake looking hand.

6 - You don’t want to waste time and money
A large portion of our customers are people who tried Videoscribe and failed. They missed their deadline or their supervisor stepped in because they had embarrassed their organization. Don’t make the same mistake have your video done right the first time.

5 - You want to impress people
Videoscribe videos are a dime a dozen and they are not impressive. You don’t want a medicore video. You want a video that will blow people away. So they give to your cause and take action on your message. After all, if the video isn’t impressive, why do it?

4 - It is a limited program
Remember you need other image-editing programs with Videoscribe to run Videoscribe. And if you do learn Videoscribe, the software will only go so far. Remember the purpose of the program is to be cheap. Don’t go cheap. Employ artists.

3 - Their success rate is very low
Take a look, Vidoscribe’s top video view counts are tutorials. Hmmm…. Does that tell you something? But professionally run studios like ours have videos on YouTube that each month reach 20,000 to 10,000,000 views per video. Do you want your video to have 20,000 views? How about 10,000,000? Don’t believe you can hit that? You can.

2B - There is a direct correlation between video budgets and video success
Name some really cheap viral videos. Do they involve cats? Babies? or Stupid tricks? Is your message about cats, babies or stupid tricks? I bet it’s not. The top viral videos for real organizations cost money. There is a direct correlation between a viral video’s budget and a viral videos success.

2A - You want to support the arts
Do you know any artists looking for work? Why not support them? Do you want to support a for-profit software corporation or award-winning artists? Our artists would love for you to be their patron.

1 - Your message is worth it!
Studios of artists have dedicated their lives to communicating messages effectively. Not only that many have amazing track records of success. Trust professionals. Remember, once you include the cost of the software and your time they’re the same price. Believe that your message is important. Create a video that will really blow people away.

After all, isn’t your message worth it?

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