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Posted by mocapnyc


Our video created for BASF – The Chemical Company. This video follows the life of a perfect BASF sales order, and its relationship with other integral aspects of company operations.

Running time: 3m 15s

Explainer Video Script: Hi, I’m a BASF sales order. Welcome to my life. I strive for perfection, which means making sure we supplied our customer with the right product, at the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Let’s go. At BASF, we help make our customers more successful. Our sales and marketing team build strong relationships with our customers which leads to more sales for BASF. The sale of a BASF product is where I begin. The customer contacts Customer Care to place the order. They can do this through phone, email, fax, on-line or other E-commerce methods. “Yes, we can meet that date and time. We appreciate your business; please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.” I’m now officially a sales order. Happy birthday to me! The customer care rep’s job doesn’t stop here. They follow me throughout the entire process to ensure we keep our promises to our customer. If there are any obstacles in my way, I could be stopped and possibly delayed, but the Customer Care rep will keep the customer informed. If any complications arise, a non- conformance may be recorded and reviewed to prevent it from happening again. I go through many checks including master data, pricing, transportation requirements, business rules, credit, legal, EH&S, and ATP. ATP connects manufacturing, supply chain, and quality assurance. After material is produced at the plant, Quality ensures the product meets specifications. Supply Chain makes sure we have enough product at the right place to meet the customer’s demand. ATP is the process that determines the date and quantity that can be delivered to our customer based on availability and lead time. Oh, meet my friend the delivery note. He is created when I’ve gone through all of my checks and the delivery date is drawing near. He contains the actual quantity and the batch information that will be shipped to the customer. Now we’re heading to the transportation command center to pick up our friend the shipment document. At the command center, the transportation planner coordinates our pickup and delivery with the carrier. We’re going on a tank truck, but there are several modes of transport depending on the customer’s order- rail car, box truck, barge, parcel tanker, steam ship, or pipeline. We’ve arrived at the plant with the carrier to pick up the material. When the truck is filled and ready to depart, it’s weighed and the bill of lading and certificate of analysis are created and given to the driver. These are some of the documents that accompany the shipment to the customer. Oh, we’re almost there! We’re here! The paperwork is correct and the shipment is right on time. Our customer, as you can see, is highly satisfied and happy. Hooray! Now that the customer has received their order, my friend the invoice is generated and sent to the customer to be paid. Once the payment is received, Accounts Receivable applies the payment to the customer’s account. It takes everyone doing their part to ensure I’m perfect. We form the best team, and without acting as one company none of this would be possible. Hats off to everyone for making sure we supplied our customer with the right product, at the right place, at the right time and at the right price. BASF – The Chemical Company.