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Posted by mocapnyc


"The video acts as our spokesperson. It gets passed around in ways no other materials do."
        - Fraser Marlow (750,000 total youtube views)

BlessingWhite, a world leader in Employee Engagement, sought out a premiere studio to illustrate and animate their X Model of Engagement. They wanted to expand the reach of their popular diagram from a drawing on paper to a viral video that would distribute itself on the internet. To put it another way; they wanted high entertainment value, very low cost, and maximum return value. And that is just what they got.

Soon after making the explainer video, the X Model of Engagement became a salesforce on its own.

"Whiteboard helped us bring an important concept to life. The animation is now our calling card; it gets people familiar with what we do before we get to meet them face to face."
        - Fraser Marlow

"Whiteboard’s animation allowed us to get a fundamental concept out there in a way that is clear and engaging. Now the video acts as our spokesperson and gets passed around in ways no other materials do."
        - Fraser Marlow

Marlow and the team at BlessingWhite were pleasantly surprised when the video went from 50,000 to 100,000 to 500,000 views. It currently has 750,000 views on Youtube.

"It’s well over this number when you add up the different versions and the webviews off our web server."
        - Fraser Marlow

But the views on the internet are just the beginning of its use. Marlow goes on to say,

"What started out as a way to communicate a concept has now grown for us – this animation is used in dozens of different venues, from client presentations to conferences to client intranets. Short of an in-person presentation, there isn’t a more powerful medium."

About the BlessingWhite X Model of Engagement:

Organizations are keen to maximize the contribution of each individual toward corporate imperatives and metrics. Individual employees, meanwhile, need to find purpose and satisfaction in their work. Consequently, BlessingWhite’s engagement model focuses on an individual’s:

  • contribution to the company’s success
  • personal satisfaction in their job role

They believe that aligning employees’ values, goals and aspirations with those of the organization is the best method for achieving the sustainable employee engagement required for an organization to reach its goals. Full engagement represents an alignment of maximum job satisfaction (“I like my work and do it well”) with maximum job contribution (“I help achieve the goals of my organization”). The index they use to determine engagement levels contains items that reflect the two axes of contribution and satisfaction. By plotting a given population against the two axes, they are able to identify 5 distinct employee segments.