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Posted by mocapnyc

"Awesome! It's playing all over at the trade show! Love it that there's a bit of monty python in this : ) " -- Brivo

Explainer Video Script

We all know the amazing benefits of Cloud security. But some security companies in a
rush to cash in on the Cloud trend, are making claims that sound a lot like the pitch of a
slick used car salesman.
Let’s start with a quick refresher on what a true cloud solution is.
At the core, is a shared computing infrastructure, hosted in a high security, commercial
data center that provides:
unlimited scalability
an uptime guarantee
and security and operational audit results that meet industry standards.
Meanwhile a fake cloud provider will assure you that everything is perfect and there’s no
need to look under the hood. Unfortunately, there’s likely to be a no commercial data
center at all, just a room in an office space; non-existent data security practices and the
biggest horror….a stack of computers running an old client/server security application,
spruced up with coat of fake cloud paint.
To really understand the impact, let’s take a look at a couple of companies that have
been told that they’ve bought a cloud based access control systems – Sandy at Sharp
Tack Office Supply is installing a “true cloud” solution from Brivo . While Ralph at Knott
Plumb Construction. is installing a “fake cloud” solution from Slick Nick Security.
Although both will have a web based security dashboard… that’s where the similarities
Over the summer both companies started to grow. Sharp Tack opened 55 new stores
across Europe. Sandy got them up and running within a few weeks, utilizing local
installers and managing it all, from her Brivo dashboard.
Knott Plumb opened 10 new offices in the US and 5 in Mexico. Unfortunately, Ralph had
to keep calling to buy additional capacity. Not only did Slick Nick’s resource limits keep
him from setting up his locking schedules properly, he found that the system couldn’t
handle both English and Spanish.
When new versions of software were released, Sandy just sat back and instantaneously
enjoyed the new capability, while Ralph was stuck with additional bills from the manual,
on site upgrades.
When the economy declined that winter, both businesses had to close some locations.
Ralph ended up with a lot of surplus computing capacity in this contract – and trouble
finding his sales person to reduce his bill. Luckily for Sandy, she “pays as she goes”, so
she just used her Brivo dashboard to immediately take those doors and cameras offline.
In the fall, both companies CIO’s conducted SOX compliance audits. Sandy and Ralph
had to provide data security audits, uptime reports and penetration tests results. This
was no problem for Sandy, and at the end of the year, she got a raise for managing
expenses and passing the audit with flying colors.
Ralph’s career didn’t fare as well, when the CIO found out about the fake cloud contract
and his inability to pass the compliance audits.
Don’t get sucked in by a fake cloud sales pitch. Just ask these 3 questions
1. Can I instantly add thousands of doors and cameras to my system anywhere in
the world?
2. Will my bill dynamically adjust to reflect only the services I’m actually using?
3. Can I provide proof of your data security standards, uptime and system
You’re now ready to evaluate different “cloud” security solutions and quickly see which
are “true” cloud and which just wish they were.
Brivo . Simply Better Security.