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Spirits Unlimited Series - Vodka

Posted by mocapnyc


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One of our videos in a series for Spirits Unlimited. When you want discount beer, wine and liquor for any occasion, Spirits Unlimited is the place to be. With 22 locations and a website, spiritsoffers.com has much to offer.

Running time: 0:30

Script: Kat Heverin here for spiritsunlimited.com. Today's topic: vodka. What can vodka do? Kill mildew, kill germs, or clean glass? Answer: all of the above. What can be used to make vodka? Barley, beets, sugar cane, mollasses, potatoes? Answer: All of the above. Poh! Get your spirit on. Visit spiritsunlimited.com where the prices are so low, it's illegal to tell you.