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Posted by mocapnyc

TD Ameritrade

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You’ve worked hard to build relationships with your clients. During the next 8 years the wealth accumulated by Gen X / Y will jump from $2 trillion to $28 trillion. And they also stand to gain $18 trillion from their Baby Boomer parents.

You need the technology, services, and time to build long-term relationships with this next generation because they’re seeking your advice. In fact, 89% of Gen Y’ers who reviewed or rebalanced their portfolios in the past 12 months reported an advisor played a key role. Overall, this generation consults advisors regarding investment decisions more than any other age group. Unfortunately, 86% of next generation investors say they’d fire their parents’ advisor. Which means the choices you make now could determine your business’ future.

If you don’t find a way to win over these clients, you risk losing their business and declining assets under management. What if you could position your business to win the hearts and minds of the next generation of investors? With TD Ameritrade Institutional, you'll have the guidance you need to segment and cultivate your clients in more sophisticated ways—such as multi-generational succession planning for families. >With Veo®, our account management and trading platform, you'll also have the streamlined and integrated technology necessary to free yourself and your team to spend more time engaging with the next generation so they choose you and remain loyal.

And if it’s the right approach for you, you can use our RIAConnectTM program to find a partner firm to build even deeper relationships with clients. By taking advantage of your partner’s scale, technology, and infrastructure to service clients the way they’re demanding, you’ll help secure your own firm’s ability to attract and retain more next generation clients well into the future.

Contact us now to find out more on how TD Ameritrade Institutional can help you position your business to win the next generation of investors.