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Posted by mocapnyc


"You guys did a great job and will certainly be doing additional work for us" - Vertica

Explainer Video Script

Today, organizations of all sizes are drowning in data. Data from Systems, users, sensors, and networks pile into mounds, overwhelming them from achieving and finding good insights. Insights that deliver a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, most database systems can't make a dent in these mounds.

Well, at Vertica, we turn the database model on it's side. We offer the industry's fastest, most scaleable highest performing solutions, for big data analytics. We're powered by column orientation, delivering 50 to 1000 times faster performance, for queering and loading, eliminating costly disk I.O, and advanced data compression, Which reduces storage costs by up to 90%. Scale out MPP architecture providing linear scaling on standard hardware, virtual machines, or the cloud. Automatic High Availability for non-stop operation, automatic replication, fail over and recovery and extensible in database analytics frame work. Allowing users to define their own functions inside the platform, a library of analytics functions including event series pattern matching, event series joins, linear regression, and more.

And our work dynamically integrates with hadoop and you have the ability to analyze structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. And Vertica uses industry standard sequel, offering a familiar interface that gets your up and running in no time.

Vertica. We monetize all your data.