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FREE Whiteboard Animation software

Posted by Steve Day
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Our free top software links are below. But first….. Elvis Presley.  The name alone makes your heart skip a beat, doesn’t it?

The King of Rock and Roll was blessed with talent (and sideburns) that made him a legend.  Not too many people could ever hope to be more intriguing or charismatic, but there was one person who came close:  Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s enigmatic manager.  Like P.T. Barnum, Colonel Parker understood human beings on a primal level, and knew how to cater to their imaginations with theatrical, extravagant gestures.  He was also, as it happens, at canny businessman.  Although he never completed it, Parker often spoke of a book he claimed to be writing.  The title was:  How Much Does It Cost If It’s Free?  Indeed.

Parker’s title might sound flippant, but it expertly captures a profound truth; if something seems too good to be true… well, you know the rest!

Which brings us to the subject for this blog: free whiteboard animation software.

Does free whiteboard animation software exist?  Yes.

Does it deliver?  Sort of.

Should you use it?  Probably not.

Regardless here are a few we suggest. The three best whiteboard animation software are these three and in this order.

Adobe After Effects is the best software for animation and that includes whiteboard animation. It is the software used to make national commercials. It’s the software our team uses. If you want the best, Adobe After Effects is it. Adobe offers a free trial at this link

Videoscribe is a template-driven whiteboard animation software. You can also upload your own images that it will “draw” for you. If you need to make an animation fast this is the software for you. Unfortunately everyone can use this software, so the videos you will make will be moderately impressive. You will also need Photoshop and other software to run the program. Here is their free-trial link

Doodly is also a template driven software and they offered a free trial at one time.

As you’ll see short-term Free whiteboard animation software is available, and these apps are good, but, like Colonel Parker suggested, it’s important to remember the hidden cost of everything—especially anything that promises to be THE solution to your problem.  Free whiteboard software might seems worth investigating (hey, it’s free, right?) but there are hidden costs that you should factor in before installing that app.

1. Learning Curve

Easy is relative.  If you already animate, then a free whiteboard animation app might be completely intuitive for you.  If not, though, you’ll need some time to experiment, learn, and perfect.  Bear in mind, too, that there are an endless number of technical factors to consider, including whether or not your voiceover is audible, does the animation actually make sense? and did the video export correctly?  Exact timing is personal, but you’ll want to have some kind of buffer between when you start learning how to use an app and your delivery date.

2. Time = Money

Creating your own whiteboard animation from scratch is something you might be able to do, but is it really what you should be doing?  The reason why external vendors exist is because most business people urgently need to concentrate on other matters.  While the whiteboard animation app is free, your time definitely isn’t.  The question is, just how much of your time can you sacrifice, and would that time be equal to hiring someone that can do it faster and better?

3. Professionalism

Whether you’re a Financial Analyst or a Nuclear Physicist, chances are that your career is based on being exceptionally good at something, and, if you’re considering using a free whiteboard animation app, your expertise obviously isn’t whiteboard animation!  In other words, the best that you can hope for by using a free whiteboard app is something passable, and is that really good enough?  By working with a dedicated whiteboard animation studio, you’re collaborating with the best-in-class.

Free whiteboard animation software is worth exploring, but don’t rely on it, especially if you’re in a time crunch.  Instead, reach out to a team of experts who can deliver for you—it’s what Colonel Tom Parker would recommend!

Whether you want to sell, explain, or inspire, no matter how difficult, a white board video can help. Contact us today at 929-397-2893 to get started. We’re ready and eager to help!

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