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1010Data Big Data Promotional Explainer Video

Posted by mocapnyc


"The Analyst's Tale video turned out superb...very engaging!"
        - 1010Data

Running time: 2:55

Script: Narrator: 1010Data, making big data analytics, fast and easy. An analyst at a large data company gets an email from the head of analytics. The President wants to know-- President: ... is there a statistical correlation between job loss and auto loan default? I need the answer... Immediatley!

Narrator: A meeting is called between various departments. Tasks are assigned, calenders shuffle, people assign, and a project is born. The programmers are going to need some code for the analysts to get the right data, and make the necessary calculations. The project grows, involving more and more people and resources throughout the company. They translate the language to database language, it gathers the data, they wait for IT, the CIO needs to answer a question, the analyst transfers the data, OUT OF DISK SPACE! IT gets new storage online. More programming will be needed! Things are getting tense! After more than a month into the project, with hundreds of hours burned, there's still nothing to show the president. Senior management is getting impatient. The analysts finally has the answer to the president.

Analyst: There IS a correlation between job loss and auto repossession.

Narrator: The analyst did his job, its not his fault that the data the programmers gathered was wrong, or that the machine ran out of space, or that IT procurement took so long. No matter. Answering the president's question took a month and a half, and it looks like it was his fault. The analyst never wants to go through THAT again, and quickly finds a new job with a competitor. A company where they do things very differently. They use 1010 Data, to make analytics fast and easy. Top brass at this new company has a question. With no need for complex, air-prone data base coding, the data the analysts needs in simply uploaded to the 1010 Data cloud, it's fast, over 20 million records per second. 1010 Data is like a trillion rolled spreadsheets that runs in a web browser. It provides the analyst to instant, interactive access to all the data he needs, and a library with pre-built, high performance analytic options for him to do his job, and quickly. With 1010 Data, what used to take weeks now takes days, even hours. There's simply nothing else like it. Reduce or eliminate the need of data design integration and sampling. Eliminate the need for complex programming in SQL, R, or other languages. Provides and intuitive interactive user experience. delivers maximum speed, scalibility, and efficiency. Requires no hardware, software, IT resources, and overhead.

1010 Data, making big data analytics, fast and easy.