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BC Sealer

Posted by Ian Smith


"You guys are great. A joy to work with. Very quick to get back to me. I would recommend you to anyone."
        - BC Sealer

BC Sealer needed a simple way to explain what their product is and how it can help, our fun and easy to follow whiteboard animation does just that.

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“Ryan and his team at ideaMACHINE created a brief animation video to help explain how our cancer-fighting virus is designed to work. They did a fantastic job and we have had excellent feedback from a wide range of people. Images from the video were selected for the front cover of Science Translational Medicine, a leading medical journal, to accompany our first clinical manuscript.” 
        - Nicholas A. Boyle, Ph.D. Vice President, Business Development and Marketing


Explaining a complex, multistage pharmaceutical approach may not always be easy. But our water color style whiteboard animation for Tocagen took a complicated process, and broke it down to a simple idea that anyone can understand.

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Common pitfalls involving visual media and Pharma

If you are reading this blog then you are probably frustrated with Pharma marketing but you have come to the right place! We have made many of these videos for companies like Amgen, Roche, Qsymia, and BiTE. Below we break down some of the common issues regarding visual media and the Pharma Industry.


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 "The 2015 Premier Innovation Celebration was held on Tuesday night. Over 3,000 attendees, and must have had over two dozen folks come up and say 'I loved your video!'  The coordinator of the event for Premier told me that he had forwarded the video to a number of folks in their office prior to the event and said that the overall consensus was that “if this isn’t the best video we have ever received for this program, it is certainly one of the best!"   - Insorb

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Posted by mocapnyc