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BC Sealer

Posted by Ian Smith


"You guys are great. A joy to work with. Very quick to get back to me. I would recommend you to anyone."
        - BC Sealer

BC Sealer needed a simple way to explain what their product is and how it can help, our fun and easy to follow whiteboard animation does just that.

Running time: 1:53


Unfortunately, when we shape root canals, we often end up weakening the teeth we are trying to restore.

This is the same phenomenon that we experienced years ago with amalgam restorations. But now there's a solution with BC Sealer—minimally-invasive bonded obturation that doesn’t shrink!

A premixed bioceramic sealer that bonds all the way down to the apex so we no longer need to condense gutta percha. We condense gutta percha because sealers shrink. And conventional sealers lack any real bonding.

We shape the coronal portion of the canal bigger to make it easier for us 06b to compact the gutta percha.

This flaring coupled with aggressive condensation actually weaken the tooth.

But BC Sealer fixes this because it bonds the canal in the first place! a calcium silicate, calcium phosphate premixed medical grade bioceramic sealer. A predicate device for higher stage orthopedic bone cements. It’s biocompatible, premixed, antibacterial, BONDS TO DENTIN and BC Points through the formation of hydroxyapatite and it is 100% hydrophilic and it exhibits ZERO SHRINKAGE…Making it the ideal sealing material as defined by Dr. Louis Grossman.

You may say…But my current obturation system works. Well… so do washboards ! So does amalgam! Since 2008 over 30 Million cases have been performed with BC Sealer world wide.

It’s time to start thinking about making the move to minimally invasive bioceramic bonded obturation.

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