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Qsymia Pharmaceutical Marketing Explainer Video

Posted by Steve Day

Qsymia Pharmaceutical Marketing Explainer Video
Our pharmaceutical instructional video for healthcare professionals in regards to their treatment of patients with Qsymia.

Running time: 2m

Explainer Video Script: You may be wondering, how do I know if my patient needs a higher dose? Ongoing assessment is key to successful treatment with Qsymia. Schedule an evaluation with your patient after 12 weeks on treatment to see how they're progressing on the current dose. If weight loss is less than 3% after 12 weeks on the recommended dose of 7.5mg Phentermine and 46mg Topiramate, either discontinue Qsymia or escalate the dose. Escalating the dose is a simple process. Prescribe your patients 14 days of the titration dose of 11.25mg of Phentermine and 69mg of Topiramate. Then they'll be ready for the top dose of 15mg of Phentermine and 92mg of Topiramate. After escalating the dose, if your patient's weight loss is less than 5% after 12 weeks, discontinue treatment. Have your patients discontinue Qsymia 15mg of Phentermine and 92mg of Topiramate gradually by taking a dose every other day for at least one week prior to stopping altogether, due to the possibility of precipitating a seizure if they stop the drug abruptly. Assessing your patient's progress and tailoring treatment accordingly will help them get the best results possible from treatment with Qsymia. Following these simple steps may help your patient achieve significant weight loss that can make a real difference in their lives. As a reminder, Qsymia has a REMS, which includes an online healthcare provider training program that you can complete in 15-20 minutes. And for more information about Qsymia, visit www.qsymia.com