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VSL#3 - The Living Shield

Posted by Ben Capitano
Managing patients with Ulcerative Colitis, Ileal Pouch, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be a challenge. Sometimes you just get stuck. You've probably tried probiotics. No luck? Still stuck? Try VSL #3. VSL #3 can make all the difference because it's different. Not only is it a medical food, its up to ten times more potent than the average probiotics. The villi are the villains here. Yeah, they increase the surface area for nutrient absorption, but these sticky little suckers also trap bad bacteria and hang on to it with a vengeance. That's where VSL #3 comes in. Like a living shield, adding eight different strains of live lactic acid bacteria to the microbial barrier, strengthening it, maintaining tight junctions in the cells, shielding the body from bad bacteria, strengthening chemical barrier function, a slimy layer of mucus preventing bacteria from sticking in the gut, helping the microbial barrier to restore balance and microbial diversity. The difference that can help your patients get out of a sticky situation, and keep them moving forward. VSL# 3. Knowing the difference makes all the difference.