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Posted by mocapnyc

"Juicy and delicious! Lots of groovy special touches. Thanks for the great effort." - ActiFi

Explainer Video Script

Advisor One: “Our business hit a plateau, and we can't move past it.”


Advisor Two: “I KNOW technology can transform my business, but how?”


Advisor Three: “We spend way too much time on operations and correcting mistakes. But when I make changes, we get nowhere!"


The skills required to be a greatfinancial advisor aren’t the same skills needed for running a great business. Most advisors have big goals. Make more money. Have more time. Provide exceptional client service. Yet people, process, and technology obstacles get in the way of building a powerful foundation to handle future growth.


That’s where ActiFi comes in.We help financial advisors and institutions that serve advisors build highly successful businesses. We do this in three ways:


First, through ActiFi’s SAGA program we work with advisors as their business architect…their business coach. We help identify important strategic objectives. Then we offer best-practice resources, tools, and ideas that get results. Most important, we hold advisors accountable to make sure they meet their goals.


Second, we take what we learn working with advisors and build software that enables others to become great business coaches. Acting as the blueprint that allows an institution to scale its practice management offerings, coaches use our software to asses an advisor’s current business, put in place realistic strategies and tactics, and track goal progress at both the advisor and institutional level.


Third, we offer in-depth consulting services and actually implement tasks for both advisors and institutions. When internal resources are stretched or nonexistent, ActiFi does the work, like a business-building crew. Save time and money by putting ActiFi experts on your team, ensuring the work gets done right, the first time.


It’s a great time to be a financial advisor. It’s a great time to build a thriving business.

Convert the firm you dream of into the firm you experience. Visit our Website to learn how ActiFi can help you.