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AE Petsche - Arrow

Posted by Artem Kotenko

"Everything else is awesome; yes, inducing awe. Great work"
        - AE Petsche

Our video for AE Petsche showcasing its collection of military-grade wire cables.

Running time: 2:32

Script: A.E. Petsche – the leading global supplier of defense, transportation, and aerospace interconnect solutions. Serving our industry for decades, and engineered for the demands of the future. The most comprehensive inventory of OEM specification wire, cable, connectors and accessories, matched with customized services to ensure streamlined efficiencies in your supply chain. Our inventory includes M27500: a low voltage high temperature cable that’s ideal for military and commercial applications, including air frames, avionics, and ground support equipment. M27500 allows for a wide range of construction choices, and as a result, it can be configured to perform in virtually every type of environment. M22759: excellent thermal stability, carrying up to 1000 volts, high break strength and flex life, and it operates in extreme temperature ranges. A fluoropolymer insulated single conductor wire, built to meet military specifications, and it’s the premiere choice for many commercial applications. It boasts high performance and reliability in severe wind and moisture-prone zones, as well as areas that require overload stability, low smoke emission, and fire resistance. M81044: extremely versatile, single conductor, an insulated lead wire, with a maximum voltage rating of 600 volts, a resistance to abrasion, cold flow and chemicals, with low smoke characteristics. Ideal for cable construction, routing and conduits, or in protected areas of avionics, and air frame compartments. Our cables and wires come in a variety of coatings, insulation, resistance, and gauges. We have expert staff to help you find the right interconnect solutions, and a global distribution network to ensure timely delivery. Call us at 844-237-7600 or visit aepetsche.com. A.E. Petsche – wired for flight.