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Aetna Live Healthy

Posted by mocapnyc

Explainer Video Title: Aetna Live Healthy

Explainer Video Company: Big Arrow

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Explainer Video Script Copy

How can every employee live healthy? Just remember to Think Link. That's what Aetna's personal care team is all about. connecting you to a team of experts dedicated to a healthier living. Your first Aetna personal care team member is the nurse, and expert in care and conversation. Your coach is personally in charge of your case and in charge of all your connectivity, between you and the other team members. For example, say your calorie intake is out of control, your caoch links you to a dietitian, who thinks your problem isn't about eating fruits and veggies, but stress eating. So your coach links you to a behavioral health who thinks medication might help you cope with a whole menu of emotions. Back to your coach, your coach not only links you up with a pharmacist for a through review of appropriate meds, but also to a social worker, who can help you manage with other challenges in your life. By connection community resources ranging from financial, to housing, to transit. There are many other benefits that are available to you, and we'll get you up to speed to get the mos tout of these programs. Gues what? Coaches are also ready to help your family too. AT home, your family can be a strong link in the support system, with assured dedication to find what's your healthy. To learn more about Aetna's Personal Care Team today, as well as what's coming tomorrow, call the number on the back of your ID card to contact you Personal Care Team Coach. It's free and completely confidential. And always remember, for your healthy, Think Link.