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Aetna Super Concierge

Posted by mocapnyc


Our video introducing Aetna's superstar service concierges, who are there to help explain your benefits plan.

Running time: 1:53

Script: He’s always been good at helping explain your health benefits plan, but now HE’S SUPER! And so is SHE! So are THEY! It takes dedication to wear this cape, because no one knows the ins and outs of Aetna’s benefit plan for employees, is SUPER CHALLENGING! Specifically, the ins and outs of your plan. That’s why the Aetna Concierge is always at your service. With encyclopedia expertise, every concierge is trained to understand your health plan design, benefits, even claim history, and everybody who is covered. As your single point of contact, for any and all healthcare questions or concerns. The concierge cannot only help you manage everything, from a new diagnosis to an old ankle sprain, the can also help you locate a list of in-network providers that save you money. And that’s not all, Aetna super concierge is also saving you time and money, with new initiatives, programs, and online tools, like Aetna Navigator, Member Payment Estimator, iTriage. Want to plan ahead? Secure a better future? Let Aetna Super concierge be your reliable go-to-guide. Prepare to go beyond healthcare, and beyond even Aetna for all your benefits questions. Directing you to outstanding resources, personal service and support, each one of them ready to put back the “well” into “well being.” Right now, Aetna concierge is accessible and directly available dedicated, no cost phone number shown at the bottom of your ID card. One call, unparalleled capability! Because the real hero here is… the employee who feels better and works better! Aetna Concierge, check it out.