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Posted by Artem Kotenko

Our video for AOL's four C's: Content, Community, Creativity, Context.

Running time: 1:15

Script: What makes AOL the best place for your brand? It’s the original content, created by hundreds of contributors from all over the world for dozens of the web’s most popular and compelling sites. Like Cambio, which became a smash hit among pop music fans practically overnight. Or the award-winning Engadget, the place to be for tech enthusiasts. Or Movifone, which regularly scoops interview with hot stars like Will Ferrell, Julia Roberts and Taylor Lautner. It’s the way we’re creating communities, and keeping people connected. Whether they’re plotting a course on Maquest, finding a new hotspot on City’s Best, or reading hometown news on their local Patch site. It’s how we help you harness the power of creativity, from the revolutionary new Project Devil ads which will change the way you look at content and advertising, to the ingenious ways Advertising.com uses data and technology to get the most from your message. But most of all, it’s the combination of these three elements that creates the perfect context for your brand’s success. Content, community, creativity, in context. Only on AOL.