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Posted by Steve Day


Our video for Axial, a company which connects businesses with capital. This video addresses business partnerships.

Running time: 1:41

Script: Across the country, business owners seek partners to help them grow, finance or sell their businesses – a search that, more than ever, starts online.  Meanwhile, investors and advisors spend significant resources to find and attract the most promising opportunities, especially in the fast-growing middle market. But with the sheer volume and diversity of private companies and deal professionals in the market, the best potential partners often miss connecting with each other – resulting in lost opportunities and fewer closed deals. Now there’s a better way to connect capital and opportunity – with Axial.

Axial is an online business development platform that links together people who own, advise, acquire, and finance private companies. By providing the tools to build valuable relationships and uncover relevant opportunities, we foster the connections that lead to new business, and closed deals. With Axial, business owners can find the most relevant deal professionals based on their expertise, proximity, and other factors – then share information about their transaction goals to begin focused, private conversations. And deal professionals can not only discover the transactions and relationships with the most potential value, they can use the platform throughout every stage of business development – from research, to meeting planning, to marketing, and more. So join more than 20,000 professionals searching for the right capital and opportunities to grow their business – on Axial.