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Posted by Artem Kotenko


 "Other teams would be hard-pressed to find a better company to produce their campaign video."
 - Brian Ostrovsky, Babybit
 "Great work on BabyBit's video! It would be great to figure out how we can work together!"
 - Yvonne Lee, Indigogo

Our corporate video for Babybit. Babybit monitors your baby's body motion, body position, temperature, and caretaker. An all in one, easy to use device.

Running time: 0:30

Script: Parents never want to leave their child, but one million do two weeks after their child is born…

They want assurance wherever they are… Baby Bit provides that peace of mind.

Monitor your baby's body motion, body position, and temperature. Follow who's taking care of your baby throughout the day.

And know where your baby is, at all times. Right on your phone. Babybit is the ultimate baby monitor for mobile parents