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Posted by Artem Kotenko


"Working with Whiteboard Animation was an amazing and fun experience. It's always a great pleasure working with companies who are talented, responsive, provide results ahead of schedule, and most importantly - produce an outstanding product."
        - Ortek, BasicBites

Our video for Ortek's BasicBites, a sugar-free soft chew that helps support oral care and maintains the health of your teeth. Just two a day keeps you smiling bright.

Running time: 1:30

Script: Saliva - your body's first line of defense for maintaining your healthy teeth.

Often thought to only provide moisture in the mouth, over 40 years of research in the field of oral biology has led to the discovery that saliva contains vital nutrients that help in supporting your healthy teeth

Wouldn't it be great to harness these key benefits of saliva?

Now you can, with BasicBites - the quantum leap in the science of oral care. These delicious sugar-free soft chews contain patented breakthrough technology that coat your teeth with natural and supportive nutrients. The arginine in BasicBites helps provide sustained buffering, thereby supporting the existing normal and healthy pH range on the surfaces of your teeth. The calcium in BasicBites is available to coat and support your healthy teeth, while in the existing normal pH range.

BasicBites also contains bicarbonate carbonate ions, which support the benefits of arginine and calcium. We all want to support the health of our teeth, especially those with dry mouth, orthodontic attachments, and those looking for a natural alternative. Now there is a delicious and natural option.

Just two BasicBites a day can help keep everyone smiling. BasicBites - the quantum leap in the science of oral care.