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BasicBites - Tug Of War

Posted by Artem Kotenko

"Working with Whiteboard Animation was an amazing and fun experience. It's always a great pleasure working with companies who are talented, responsive, provide results ahead of schedule, and most importantly - produce an outstanding product."
        - Basic Bites

Our video for Ortek's Basic Bites; sugar-free soft chews which promote dental health.

Running time: 1:00

Script: Satisfy your sweet tooth while caring for your pearly whites? Now you can – with sugar free Basic Bites, delicious chocolate soft chews with the power to supercharge your enamel health. Certain oral bacteria in your mouth devour sugars from your diet and produce acids that can damage your teeth. But there are also beneficial bacteria living on tooth surfaces that generate buffers. They try to win a pH tug of war in your mouth, but if you have dry mouth or a sweet tooth, these beneficial bacteria can get overwhelmed, disrupting your mouth’s pH balance. Not good for teeth. Breakthrough research identified key nutrients that fueled these beneficial oral bacteria while supporting your enamel. Amazingly, Basic Bites contained these super tooth-supporting nutrients. Arginine fuels the good acid-neutralizing bacteria, supporting a healthy oral pH, while calcium saturates and supports your tooth enamel. Satisfy your sweet tooth, and take the bite to supercharge your enamel health. Basic Bites – the seriously delicious oral care breakthrough.