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Baylor Scott & White Health Tiers


"This thing is so darn cute and fun to watch. I’m so happy with the work you’re doing!"
        - BS&W

Today, Scott & White Healthcare is a non-profit collaborative health care system which encompasses one of the nation's largest multi-specialty group practices. Scott & White provides personalized, comprehensive, high-quality care enhanced by medical education and research to Central Texans in a 29,000-square-mile service area.  The system owns, partners or manages 12 acute care hospital sites, one emergency hospital site, more than 140 clinics at more than 70 primary care and specialty clinic locations and a 215,000+ member health plan.

Our video for the Baylor Scott & White medical plan discusses the available health tiers and their benefits. Baylor Scott & White delivers high quality care at a low cost.

Running time: 3:19

Script: If your company made terrific tortilla chips, you’d know exactly what to dunk in your dip. If you built ultra-cool umbrellas for a living, there’d be only one way to stay dry. Well, you work in a world-class healthcare system. So where should you get care when you need it?

From the people you know, trust, and work with every day. Us! To do that, you need to understand our provider network tiers. All Baylor Scott & White medical plans have the same three tiers: the tier 1 preferred network, the tier 2 national network, and tier 3, which is out-of-network. You choose a tier every time you choose a doctor, hospital or other provider. And because the tiers determine how much the plan will pay, it’s important to know how they work, and what tier your provider is in.

Let’s take a look! Our tier 1 preferred network is always your best choice for high quality care, at the lowest cost, thanks to the Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance. BSWQA is like family. It includes all of our hospitals, pharmacies, and selected post- acute care facilities in North and Central Texas. Plus, thousands of committed physicians who’ve joined forces to help us deliver high quality care, enhance the patient experience, improve the health of populations, lower costs, and boost efficiency.

To make sure tier 1 provides the care our employees need, we’ve added high quality doctors in pediatrics and other specialties. And just like any healthcare; everything’s confidential, secure, and protected by HIPAA privacy rules. So when you want high quality care at the lowest cost, your best choice is always Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance providers, and the other select doctors who are part of tier 1. When you travel, or have kids or other dependents in other parts of the country, our tier 2 national network kicks in. It includes thousands of hospitals and doctors just about everywhere.

You’ll pay more for services, but you’ll have coverage nationwide. And here’s an important note about the out-of-area exception: if you or a dependent need to use the tier 2 national network because you live more than 40 miles from a tier 1 preferred network facility, all of our medical plans will reimburse your care at 65% instead of the normal tier 2 rate of 50%. And emergency care, for whatever tier, whenever or wherever you need it, is always covered by the tier 1 rate.

To find tier 1 and tier 2 providers, use the nifty search function at bswh.swhp.org. The last tier to talk about, and one most employees never need is tier 3: out-of-network. You’ll pay a lot more, some things aren’t covered at all, and there’s no annual limit on what you pay out of your own pocket. Tier 3 is definitely not where you want to be. HRAs, HSAs, PPOs; choosing a medical plan can be confusing. But one decision is super smart and surprisingly simple.

Choose the Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance, and tier 1, to get the best care we deliver and the care you deserve. Visit Baylor Scott & White online to learn more about medical plans and all of our other benefits.