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people buying power - Become a Member

Posted by Steve Day

Explainer Video Direction and Animation: Whiteboard Animation Studio

Running time: 1:19


Have you ever felt like you pay too much for your power supply? Have you considered ways to reduce your bills? Did you know that your energy provider now has competition?

This means you now have the option to select your energy services company. Options which can translate into discounts, rebates, and special offers. 

People Buying Power is a membership organization that specializes in negotiating the best power rates in the market. 

For too long, power companies have been dictating how much you pay for basic household services. Through our membership buying group, and our thousands of members, we're flipping the script. 

We are taking you, the masses, to the negotation table with the power companies. Where we will secure group discounts for our members. This means that you will recieve discounted rates on your energy supply services. And all you need to do is become a member. 

People Buying Power are experts at negotiating great rates for reliable energy services companies. We do all the hard work, and our members get the rewards.

The best part; is it's a free service. It's time to bring the power back to the people. Become a member of people buying power today. 

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