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Promotional Marketing Explainer Video Script Writing for Bowne Road

Posted by mocapnyc

Bowne Road

Running time: 2:38


Trying to grow or start a new business can be exciting but full of twists, turns, and bumpy roads that you didn’t expect. That’s where Bowne Road steps in. As a top-rated business consulting company we focus on combining investors with high performing start-ups to ensure mutual success. We operate on the simple equation of 1 plus 1 equals 3 – because your company with Bowne Road is worth more together.

And we CAN deliver what we promise. Partners David M. McCarthy and James L. Grainer have created and managed more than 2 billion dollars in funds and financing. As an investor, David was CEO of IT giant Zannett, Inc. in addition to managing 70 public company financings. James has been CFO to The Chatterjee Group and POLO in New York. Combined, they have the strategic and financial initiative know-how to ensure your business growth has a smooth ride down the highway.


By focusing on a strategy built on Hunting, Incubating, and Accelerating. Bowne Road seeks out high growth businesses that show promise and longevity. An incubation period follows where the business has a chance to grow. After all, the true value of success is not on making the most dollar amount, but on developing relationships with customers and clients which is in turn better for stake holders, investors and members of the community. Finally, Bowne Road moves into a growth acceleration phase by leveraging the Bowne Road Platform that will attract low-cost capital and finance new lines of business for portfolio companies to build value and create wealth.

Bowne Road operates on the basic values of honesty, integrity, and giving you more than what you ask for. We under-promise and over-deliver. We are truly committed to financing new lines of business that will build value and create wealth. This is not about the quick buck and the short-term negotiation. This is about building a financially stable and profitable future.

Bowne Road – A Home for Growing Companies – where you plus Bowne Road equals 3.