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Bright Horizons

Posted by Ben Capitano


"The video is great! We appreciate your flexibility! And the last-minute nature of our requests."
        - Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons needed a whiteboard animation to help explain their new offerings of work solutions.

Running time: 1:58

Script: Meet Sue, a star professor. She lives with her husband, toddler, infant, two goldfish, and the family dog. She teaches 3 classes, keeps generous office hours, meets regularly with students, advises her graduate assistants, attends weekend university events, and is publishing her high profile research.

Sue loves her job, but the long work hours and demanding schedule have tilted her life sharply towards work. After years a s a star professor, she's considering a job change, across the country other professors have the same story. they don't have time to care for their families, and their responsibilities continue to grow.

A recent study shows the 65% of professors and 74% of assistant professors have considered leaving their institutions during the previous year. And when talented Professors leave, they take their skills, reputations, knowledge, research, and grants money with them.

At Bright Horizons, we know these professors need support, they need their schools to recognize how hard it is to be a professor and a parent, and that an increasing number of them are taking care of their parents and children. 93% of higher Ed survey responders say employer-sponsored child care helps them balance their commitment to work with their commitment to family. 90% say it helps them manage their stress levels. 56% said it freed them to work on crucial research. Smart higher education administrators are realizing that there is a direct link to how faculty members feel about their work, and how well they do it. In fact, and Ivy league university recently said that they are using dependent care to make their university the best place on Earth for faculty to work.

To learn more, call 1-800-453-9383, or visit brighthorizons.com/highered