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Buckman Leather

Posted by Ben Capitano
Leathermaking. It’s one of the oldest industries on earth. But that doesn’t keep Buckman from finding new ways to improve it.

What’s your goal? Whether it’s improving your wet blue or your bottom line, Buckman has the advanced technologies to make it happen.

We bring better ideas to the leather industry all around the world, so you can bring better leathers to market.

You can look to us to help you protect your product, improve your entire process and safeguard the planet.

So you can operate more sustainably and profitably.

Damage caused by microorganisms costs the global leather industry tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year. That’s why Buckman is committed to providing superior protection for your hides, from fresh skins to wet blue/wet white to crust to finished leather. 

Our Busan® chemistries are specially formulated to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold that can cause grain damage, degradation of quality and lost production. Whether you need to preserve hides, keep microorganisms out of the soak, or stop mold growing on wet blue/wet white or other damp leathers, you can rely on Buckman to ensure high quality and consistency, batch after batch.

Buckman’s comprehensive systems for Beamhouse and Tanyard are designed to kick your operation into high gear and ensure the consistency and reliability you need to produce superior leather and achieve greater profitability.

Buckman can help your operation achieve:

  • Cleaner pelts after unhairing
  • Fewer wrinkles and reduced draw
  • Maximum area yield
  • And uniform leather characteristics

With reliable Buckman chemistries, you’ll see:

  • More rapid and uniform penetration of chemicals
  • Reduced processing time
  • And safer processing

You can rely on Busperse and Buzyme chemistries for faster soaking and uniform rehydration – as well as for optimal degreasing and more efficient unhairing, liming, bating, pickling and more. 

And when it comes to the wet-end and finishing stage, Buckman’s leading Butan technologies can give you the aesthetic and product performance edge you need to successfully compete in today’s leather products industry.

With Buckman you can improve your leather and help safeguard the planet at same time.

Buckman can help your operation:

  • Reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the beamhouse
  • Improve effluent characteristics
  • And recycle and re-use process waters

In fact, Buckman is leading the way for a more sustainable leather industry. Our advanced Buzyme enzymatic technologies can help you speed up and enhance processes like soaking and degreasing, reduce the use of hazardous chemicals, and enhance the quality of your hides and skins. They work safely and at a lower cost to your tannery and the environment. 

So the leather industry with its long, enduring past will have a long and bright future too!

Best of all, Buckman customizes its chemistries and services to fit your operation like a fine leather glove. 

We do what it takes to optimize each application, provide ongoing monitoring of chemistry performance and ensure safe handling every step of the way.

So if you’re faced with a challenge, or would like to enhance quality and efficiency in your overall process, call on Buckman. 

You can be sure we’ve got a solution to improve product, process and planet.

Buckman: Enhancing leather. Advancing Production.