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Cardinal Services - Meet Joe

Posted by Artem Kotenko


Our video for Cardinal Services, a workplace solutions provider.

Running time: 1:45

Script: Meet Joe, a restaurant owner. Joe knows food, and he knows the food business. Ask anyone, he makes the best mac & cheese in the state. Soon, people want to buy more mac & cheese than Joe can make. He needs help, and he needs help finding help. Joe's friend knows this guy who'd be perfect. Joe agreed to hire him right away, without considering other, more qualified people for the job, or checking work references. And he quickly learns it costs more to hire the wrong person than the right one. in fact, it costs employers the equivalent of three to eighteen months' pay to replace an employee. For Joe, the stress of running his own business increased. Paperwork piled up on his desk, stealing precious time he couldn't afford. Fortunately, Joe found Cardinal Services - his local workplace solutions provider, and it helped him to gain control. Cardinal's proven solutions boost productivity, save time, and increase profits. Businesses who parntner with a professional employer grow 7% faster, cut turnover by 25%, and have a 50% lower failure rate. Joe is now working on his business, rather than in it. And when he goes home for the evening, he's not worrying about work. Joe learned that HR done right pays at work and at home. Cardinal was a good ad choice for Joe. Our specialists are here to design solutions to fit your needs. So call us, or visit our website at cardinal-services.com for more information.