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Posted by Ben Capitano


Our marketing video for Adobe's CloudMunch, a platform for programmers and software developers.

Running time: 2:02

Script: Like every industry leader, Adobe was transforming into a digital cloud-based business. To enable this change, the Adobe Cloud Ops team used a variety of popular tools to automate and manage almost every aspect of cloud & DevOps... almost. To help them move faster, Adobe needed to make builds and deployments... repeatable, error-free, and easy... in a way that would work seamlessly with their existing tools and processes. Quickly realizing that a homegrown solution would not be the best use of their resources, they began looking for a Software as a Service product that could meet their needs. Enter CloudMunch, a next generation software delivery platform for DevOps teams. CloudMunch makes it fast and efficient to: Build and Deploy pipelines - collaboratively, and independent of specific tools or technology. Manage the complete cloud application life cycle - from development, to testing, to release. Ensure governance and compliance. And get continuous insights - enabling better, faster decisions. All from a single work space and dashboard, that intigrates easily with existing work flows. By bringing all of your DevOps tools and processes together in one place, CloudMunch ensures better ROI and faster time to market, while reducig risk and costs. Impressed with CloudMunch, Adobe partnered with the innovative start-up, helping it develop into an enterprise grade, cloud scale DevOps platform unlike anything else on the market. In the cloud and DevOps world, speed and complexity is the new normal. Adobe moves faster with CloudMunch. Now you can too.