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Posted by Ben Capitano

"We enjoyed working with your team and loved the final product. We are getting rave reviews from all we show it to."
        - CSBT

Running time: 4:45


Are your employees the most important resource your organization has? Do you want the best for them?

If so, let's talk.

Is your group benefits plan worthy of your employees? Do you want the best employee benefit coverage available but wonder who to trust? 10 years ago, eight executive directors for social service agencies asked themselves those questions. We were dissatisfied with the employee benefits we had. We wanted the best we could get from our employees, like fully ensured benefits, the best practices in claims payment, access to community based brokers, and we wanted these at a fair and sustainable price. We searched, and came up with nothing.

So in 2002 we created our own program, it's called, Community Services Benefits Trust. We serve all kinds of agencies, profit, not-for-profit, union, and non-union, big and small, but all of them delivering services to venerable people, community living, long term care, mental health, community resources, retirement, daycare, all of them, agencies in our communities. CSBT's growth has been phenomenal. In the first 10 years we grew from 8 founding agencies to over 260 from Victoria to Halifax. We're still growing strong, because we understand community based social services and respond with quality and support.

So, that's how we got started, let's discuss how it works. I'm Paul Wheeler, I'm the executive director of a social service agency. and the chair of the board of trustees of CSBT. I believe CSBT is the best provider of employee benefits, for the employees of agencies of yours, and mine. CSBT is owned and governed by a board of trustees comprising of executive directors and senior managers of agencies, CSBT doesn't have an office, we don't make a profit, but we do make the decisions. To deliver our program we interviewed numerous insurance provides, and unanimously agreed that Group Health Global was the best one to support our vision Group Health Global has built a national network of brokers to partner with in delivering the CSBT package. It is ONLY available through those CSBT brokers. They understand the issues we face and provide the support and advocacy we need. The face you see is your dedicated CSBT broker, who knows your community, supports your work, and is there to solve problems. This structure joins us together in an influential purchasing group, while letting us enjoy the benefits of community based personal centered representation.

Now, let's talk about Cost Containment. Employee benefit costs are increasing at a rate of 10% to 15% per year. While government funding to our agencies is decreasing. This is not sustainable. That's why the CSBT board tells Group Health Global Cost Containment a key focus. Here's an example: when we started the biggest focus was control costs for long term disability. We needed something better, Group Health Global put together a key insurer and additional disability management team, and an early intervention program. This combination helps agencies get employees on long term disability back to work as quickly and safely as possible. The combination results in significant LTD cost savings, and greater satisfaction For employers and employees. In fact, during a time when LTD costs were typically rising 8% to 12% across Canada, many of us have had no increases for over 5 years. Today, out of control increases in drugs costs are the biggest issue for benefit plans. We are addressing this problem head on, with introduced Managed RX as the first step. Managed RX combines and actively managed drug formulary, with a central dispensing pharmacy. The result, is lower drug costs, more engaged employees, and sustainability. There are two costs for benefits: the Premiums you pay and your administration cost. To lighten the load, CSBT uses a state of the art technology based program. Clients tell us that this system has saved them both time and money.

10 years ago, we wanted better benefits for our employees. Today, we have that same commitment. Disability management, Managed RX, a continued cost containment focus, all to deliver the best benefits value available.

That's CSBT. The Employee Benefit program you can trust.