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DPD - Geoship

Posted by Ben Capitano


Our video for DPD's GeoShip, a web-based application allowing users to ship internationally to more than 20 countries in Europe.

Running time: 1:52

Script: Shipping parcels throughout Europe can be tricky. To get the best service, you need to adapt your process for each specific market, which requires a lot of time, effort and money. With GeoShip, the new web-based application from DPD, you can use one user-friendly tool to access the local delivery systems of more than 20 countries, making international shipping faster and easier than ever.

It’s easy to get started. First, our experts will customize your GeoShip setup, giving you access to DPD products and services all over Europe, to match your specific needs. Then choose the best way to upload and integrate your shipping data. You can use online manual modes, import files with automated EDI, or incorporate data directly via web services.

Once integrated, you can print labels for any European country from any device. GeoShip is updated continuously to keep it current with the systems of every in-network country, so your labels will always be correct and up to date. In short, working with GeoShip is fast, cutting your IT integration time from a few months to a few weeks. Flexible, enabling you to modify your setup from starting deliveries in a new country to opening a new warehouse and more in a snap.

And cost-effective; reducing the time and resources needed to keep your delivery systems up to date and running efficiently. So get connected on GeoShip, and see how Europe’s best delivery network can help your business.