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Explainer Video Title: Durable Income

Explainer Video Company: Durable Income

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Explainer Video Script

Wondering if you’ve saved enough money to retire comfortably? Is all the hysteria adding to your uncertainty?

You’re not alone.

Surveys show that investors have lost confidence in their ability to retire on time. And for good reason. Before YOU enter the “No Do Over Zone” of retirement, think about Today’s growing trends:

  • The volatility of global financial markets
  • You are probably going to live a lot longer than you have expected
  • The growing gap between the money necessary to retire comfortably and what traditional Fixed Income investing can provide

Thousands of American workers have been forced to delay or completely re-think their retirement plans. Many are hunting for new ways to earn additional income.

But, most of these attempts to close the income gap either don’t work, or turn into too much work, stripping the joy out of investors' retirement years. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Complementing traditional Fixed Income investing with Durable Income strategies may be a better way to bridge the gap.

Visit durableincome.com to learn more about how Durable Income portfolio strategies can help tune out the noise. At Durableincome.com, Experienced Financial advisors can help you explore alternative asset classes, offering you diversified sources of durable income.

When combined with traditional portfolio allocations, alternative investments can potentially play an integral role in durable income strategies - maximizing overall investment returns while simultaneously minimizing risk.

Durable income strategies are designed to optimize the performance of a traditional retirement portfolio in order to help investors, like you, maintain the income necessary to fund and enjoy their desired lifestyle throughout retirement.

What If, the entire time you’ve been looking for a better way to avoid a delay in your retirement plan, the solution has been just one click away?

What are you waiting for? Register at durableincome.com and start living out your dreams.