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Echo WWD2

Posted by mocapnyc


"The explainer video you made for us is getting a ridiculous number of hits on YouTube and Facebook."
        - Echo360

"A sales rep did an off-site video shoot at U of Toledo, and showed it to their head instructional designer – her exact words were "This is exactly what we need to show our Provost"!” “We love it! We got rave reviews on the video at our trade show!"
        - Echo360

“We love it!!! We got rave reviews on the video at our trade show!”
        - Echo360

Echo360 is the active learning platform for colleges and universities, and one of our earliest clients. Since our first video, we’ve collaborated on sixteen sales videos. After the first few sales videos (and in one year) Echo360 reported a 74% worldwide sales growth. They now have more than one million students in 6,000 classrooms, at 500 institutions in 30 countries.

Our studio’s relationship with Echo360 began with their marketing expert Richard Taylor. Richard was Senior VP for Brand Marketing at AOL, where he pioneered innovations in advertising and media that leveraged online, social marketing, and product integration.

Richard also served as Vice President of Global Marketing at Burger King, where he established the company as a leader in entertainment marketing. Early in his career, Richard worked as a Marketing Executive in the beverage industry where he led international brands such as Martini & Rossi, and Bacardi.

Echo360 uses explainer videos for their organization in various ways, such as on their homepage, on social media, on YouTube, at conferences, at private meetings, in email blasts, and even for their sales team to watch on their smartphones at the airport. Each of these means has proven successful in delivering their message.

The combination of a great product and a great explainer video leads to success! Echo360 has great service and a great product; their active learning technology enhances students’ educational experiences before, during, and after class. Developed for educators by educators, Echo360 increases in-class participation with digital polling, provides a rich out-of-class experience by recording and sharing course instruction, and delivers deep usage analytics to help instructors gauge student progress throughout a course.

Students watch, collaborate and participate on smartphones, tablets and laptops…wherever, whenever they choose. Echo360 was recognized with the Product Line Strategy of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan, is CSIA-certified for outstanding customer service, and was named a Visionary Vendor in Educational Technology by IT research firm Basex. Echo360 is also backed by Revolution Growth.

Running time: 1:50

Script: Teaching isn’t easy. You’re competing with Twitter, Facebook, and countless other sites for the attention of distracted students. And if they’re not engaged, how do you know they’re learning? There’s got to be a better way. Active learning gets your students off social media and participating before, during, and after class.

Echo360’s active learning makes it easy. Before class, you upload your PowerPoint presentation to the cloud. Record presentations from your home or office for students to view before class; preserving class time for active learning and discussion.

One professor saw engagement rise from 3% to 60% by adding polls, quizzes, multiple choice, image-based, and open-ended questions into his presentations. Your students can ditch the clickers and participate with their laptops, tablets, and their smartphones. A simple button in Echo360 active learning solution lets even the shyest of students ask questions anonymously, so you can address the topics they don’t understand in real-time; reducing the number of emails and office visits after hours.

After class, students have access to an all-in-one online study tool that includes their notes, discussion threads and slides. They can watch video recordings of your lecture anytime, anywhere, tagging important topics for further review. Best of all, Echo360 lets you peek into the mind of your students to see what they’ve learned.

Analytics gauge viewing habits, participation and questions, and even flag hotspots in your course. You’ll know what your students don’t know; giving you the chance to intervene so they don’t fall behind. Grab their attention, get them participating, and keep them on track before, during and after class. It’s a new age of active learning, only from Echo360.