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EMC - Equinix

Posted by Steve Day


Microsoft, Equinix, and EMC have formed a partnership to bring the benefits of private storage to the public cloud using Azure ExpressRoute, Equinix Cloud Exchange and EMC storage platforms.

Running time: 1:28

Script: Microsoft is always looking for new ways that Azure can serve its users – and EMC can help. As a leader in Microsoft solutions, EMC provides products and capabilities that benefit our mutual customers and increase Azure consumption – like Avamar Virtual Edition. IT teams often struggle to find the best entry point to cloud-based data protection. They want a solution flexible enough to quickly meet their immediate needs, and grow with them into the future. Powered by Azure, EMC’s Avamar Virtual Edition offers a variety of cloud-based data protection configurations that easily integrate with existing solutions and provide a path to end-to-end virtual data protection.

With Avamar VE, users can: Back up local data directly to Azure, fully leveraging the benefits of cloud-based backups. Replicate local backups to Azure, providing added protection to existing backup configurations. And protect cloud-born applications, taking full advantage Azure’s compute and storage power. Flexible, user-friendly, and effective, Avamar VE choice for businesses interested in virtual Working together, EMC and Microsoft can provide effective cloud-based data protection solutions for any customer –resulting in increased Azure consumption.

You can find Avamar VE in the Azure Marketplace, or contact your EMC Alliance representative to learn more.