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Posted by mocapnyc

Explainer Video Script

Our goal at TMHQ is to grow Tough Mudder and Mudder Nation into a global tribe that lives the values of courage, personal accomplishment, teamwork and fun.

With offices on multiple continents, we are separated by time-zones, but unified by our incredibly strong company culture. Something we are all really proud of here at TMHQ.

We articulate this culture through our company credo, the set of values that guide how we do business day in and day out - even when no one is checking in on us.

Unlike some companies, we don’t have factories or patents or hard goods. We make experiences

– our competitive advantage comes from having the right people acting in accordance with the right principles.

As we’ve grown from a small start up to a global company, our culture has always rested on the core values of Pride, Accountability, Continuous Improvement, and Teamwork—the TMHQ PACT.

Pride means above all remembering that we have a product that genuinely changes peoples’ lives for the better.

It means accepting only the best and always demonstrating integrity with our colleagues, partners and customers. Accountability means focusing on outcomes, not inputs. It means thinking hard about every dollar we spend to ensure it creates value.

And it means always delivering on our promises.

Continuous Improvement means viewing problems as opportunities it means driving innovation and embracing change as it happens around us. We all make mistakes; what matters is that we continue to learn from them and grow.

Teamwork means building lasting relationships through expert communication and excellent judgment.

We should never say “that’s not my job” but instead always embrace collective responsibility.

We never knowingly let our colleagues fail; but instead we constantly strive to help them succeed.

At its core, the TMHQ PACT is our commitment to making the company and our product better tomorrow than they are today.

Only by living these values, will we continue to provide unconventional life-changing experiences to our customers, and ourselves.

Just like a Tough Mudder obstacle course, the journey won’t always easy, but it will be interesting and rewarding, as well as fun and exciting.

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